The other day I read a fascinating article via Hacker News about The three infrastructure mistakes your company must not make. Overall a great read that brings up some great points about cloud workloads. The cloud is great if you’re going to use the cloud for what it’s made for.

Hyperscaling and bursting

Public clouds are great for applications with an unknown capacity. Maybe you have a rapidly growing web or mobile app, public cloud infrastructure will scale with your needs. Some companies require temporary compute needs for machine learning, batch processing, or responding to a spike in demand.

If your application grows consistently or runs in a steady state, a private cloud solution could be the most cost effective. A small team can efficiently manage on-premise compute, storage, and networking gear. Perhaps performance is key, therefore running on bare-metal will provide the best performance.

The reality is that many enterprises will run a mix of workloads on public and private clouds. Some tasks are best relegated to the cloud: nearly unlimited object storage on AWS, Azure, or Backblaze is a great use case for simply storing files. Regulatory requirements may dictate storing or processing data on-premise. Integrating the two to seamlessly work together will yield the greatest results and lowest overall cost.

Read - The three infrastructure mistakes your company must not make

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