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I’m a developer at a SaaS startup, and some general IT is part of my responsibilities. I have to say that UniFi has made it a dream to setup, manage, and monitor our main office network. We currently have a mix of the following:

  • USG 4 Pro
  • Switch XG
  • Switch 8 POE-150W
  • Switch 48 POE-750W
  • Switch 24 POE-250W
  • UAP-AC-Pro
  • UAP-AC-v2
  • Cloud Key Controller
  • 10Gtek SFP modules + direct attach copper.

For the Switch 8 units, we didn’t have enough network drops from the wall, and need PoE for desk phones. The 10Gtek cables are great, but I just saw UniFi’s offering in the Beta store and wish we would have gotten those!

All switches in the closet are connected with SFP with dual aggregated links to our core XG switch. RIght now it’s only about 250 active clients during the day, but that will grow with new hires and more devices. We have great wired network capacity, but will need more WiFi by the end of this year. The new UAP XG and SHD access points can’t come soon enough!

I got a quote from another cloud-managed networking equipment provider, which shall remain nameless but rhymes with souvlaki haha. Their quote was well over $15k than our similar UniFi setup. And the UniFi iOS is waaaaay better than theirs.

A couple of wishlist items

  • Port VLAN auto configuration. It would be nice to specify a port’s default network (VLAN X + VLAN Y) for end-user clients, but the port would reconfigure to a trunk if a UniFi switch or UAP is plugged in. I know this is because we have desk switches, but it would smooth out adding a new device
  • LLDP-MED support for easier VoIP deployments. We currently have to manually configure phones to use our VoIP VLAN, it would nice to do that automagically with LLDP
  • By default, intra-VLAN routing should be denied. I have created VLANs to segment network traffic, and IMO by default packets should not be routed between VLANs by the USG

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